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Dual Horizontal
Dual Vertical
MultiColor Menu Demo
Dual Horizontal Opened
Dual Horizontal Bordered
Dual Horizontal Framed
  Dual HorizontalDual Horizontal FramedDH Framed Color Flash    October 18, 2018 en-USfr-FR
DNN Skins from
20 Skin Color Options. Click a color image to see the corresponding skin pack
Dnn Skin Tick 20 Professional Color Schemes
- Every Color is built by a professional designer
- Cannot be achieved by a linear color shift
Dnn Skin Tick MultiColor Menu by BOR Group
- FREE with the Skin Pack B024
- Must be installed to DNN portal separately
Dnn Skin Tick XML Controlled Flash Banner
- Easy to use, fully customizable through XML
- No Flash knowledge required
Dnn Skin Tick 4 Menu Outlines, Unlimited Navigation Depth
- Horizontal, Vertical, Dual Horizontal, Dual Horizontal-Vertical
- Dual Horizontal menu dynamically displays sublevels
Dnn Skin Tick Total of 20 Banners in 15 Categories
- 7 Static Banners for each color
- In relevant categories, adjusted for the skin color
Dnn Skin Tick Total of 1300 Skins and 680 Containers
- 60 Portal Skins & 5 Admin Skins per color
- 34 Matching Containers per color
Dnn Skin Tick 3 Skin Width Selector
- 900 pixels, 1000 pixels and 100% screen width
- Correspondingly stretches Flash Banner
- The fixed width skins expand for wider content
Dnn Skin Tick Flexible Skin Layout
- 16 Pane layout provides multiple configuration options
- Expand for wider content, empty panes are collapsed
- 3 layout options per skin - opened, bordered, framed
Dnn Skin Tick 12 easy configurable DNN Skin Tokens
can be set to no display through CSS
Dnn Skin Tick Skin color schemes for Default DNN Modules
CSS styles in corresponding colors
Dnn Skin Tick Documentation & Commented CSS Dnn Skin Tick Compatible with DNN5
W3C Standard
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Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional - Click to Validate DNN Skin Valid CSS 2.1 - Click to Validate DNN Skin Browsers
DNN Skin Compatibility: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Netscape
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